Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing To Modernize Your Home

When properly maintained, well-built, wood cabinets can last decades. During such a time span, ownership might change or even the preferences of the same owner might evolve. Newly purchased furniture might be ill-suited to older cabinets.

Instead of replacing your old cabinets with new ones, consider refinishing.

The benefits of refinishing include:

  • Avoid the waste, dust and disruption related with removing old cabinets
  • Not go through the anguish of ordering, waiting and installing new cabinets
  • Avoid the debris related to installing new cabinets
  • Refurbishing cabinets cost a fraction of the money relative to replacing cabinets

Refinishing opens all color options to supercharge your kitchen with bold paint colors.

To upgrade a refinishing project to a remodeling option, you could opt for new:

  • Hinges, knobs, or other hardware
  • Countertops
  • Appliances
  • Upgraded Electricity to support high-draw appliances such as microwaves
  • Matching chairs or table

Other ideas might include:

  • Using felt door dampers or soft-close drawers
  • Placing removable wallpaper on cabinet backing
  • Replacing cabinet doors and drawer fronts
  • Changing shelving heights
  • Installing glass door facings, in part or in whole
  • Injecting in-cabinet or under-cabinet lighting
  • Accenting with crown molding

Most kitchen cabinet refinishing projects will be about a third of the cost of replacing cabinets.

Kevin Roberts

Ordering and waiting for new cabinets could take weeks, if not months. The demolition of old cabinets and the installation of new cabinetry also adds time to the process. By contrast, scheduling and executing cabinet refinishing is substantially shorter.

We spray your cabinetry to produce a factory-like finish. There are many decorating options and improved functionality is possible.

Kitchen cabinet refinishing is an exciting option that offers both cost and time savings. Ready for a complimentary consultation? Call us at 914-791-2791 to update your dated or worn cabinetry in a cost-effective manner.

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